“The Hunger Games” Prequel Will Not Be Bad, I Promise

I’m not exaggerating when I say this—the acclaimed “Hunger Games” trilogy, despite being about the oppressive nature of a tyrannical government and kids killing each other in a sadistic televised tournament—absolutely defined my middle school years. When I say I was obsessed, I was obsessed. I read the first two books hundreds of times. (We don’t talk about “Mockingjay.” It did not happen . . . still emotionally scarred.) I invented backstories for every single tribute in the 74th Games through at least six poorly written Quotev fanfics. I pledged to ship Cato and Clove until the day I die and entered a state of depression when I discovered their love story was completely erased from the movies (still salty). Katniss Everdeen was my hero and I am in love with Finnick Odair to this day. I clearly remember that, at an eighth-grade pool party, my friends and I played Categories and my first question was: “Who’s your favorite movie character?” I leaped into the pool and screamed “Clove!” and everyone judged me for liking the knife girl. That illustrates the severity of my obsession.

Sharpie Gate: Trump, Meteorologist-in-Chief

In a regular society, mistakes are made – it’s a natural human phenomenon. Perfection may be something we strive for, but it’s impossible to achieve. People have to learn to take their mistakes, apologize for them, and use it to improve themselves in the future. Unfortunately, this isn’t a skill President Trump has seemed to master yet.