Mourning in America

Earlier this month, the nation marked the nineteenth anniversary of the September 11, 2001, terror attacks with our usual solemnity, care, and grief. Photos of the burning World Trade Center were once again splashed across social media, lest anyone get the impression that they had forgotten the event which so scarred our collective consciousness.

Pete Buttigieg is a Psychopath

On February 3, America looked on in horror as the dumpster fire known as “The 2020 Iowa Caucus” burned itself into the annals of American history. It was undoubtedly one of the sketchiest elections in US history. From delays in reporting the results to inconsistencies in voting tallies, the Iowa Caucus was a disaster in almost every way possible.

Ok, Bloomer

My dear American friends, I must beg that you do not nominate Michael Bloomberg for the Democratic Party candidate for 2020. I know that the prospect of having a self-made businessman that deals with problems efficiently and without care for naive populism is attractive for many of you, but I can assure you that a Bloomberg presidency will bring you nothing but pain. I dare not repeat the common talking points regarding stop-and-frisk, Bloomberg’s senseless ad campaign, and charges of extreme sexism within his company. These are surface-level manifestations of Bloomberg’s sociopath at best.