A 21st Century Modest Proposal

In addressing our porous borders, President Trump, as well as many of our political epoch’s conservative luminaries, notably Tucker Carlson, remind us that this situation is not merely an issue of integration nor of national security. Here, in the age of Amazon and the Juul, immigrants integrate faster than ever, and terrorist attacks are more likely to come from native men who cannot get laid rather than from foreigners.

Let’s get LITerate: Reflecting on a Book a Week

Between utilizing my every last brain cell to decipher Kantian philosophy and feverishly skimming outdated textbooks, I realized I had forgotten how to love reading. Just as the U.S. education system sucks the joy out of learning, forcing students to extrinsically memorize material over actually understanding it, reading became exhausting. In an effort to remind myself that reading isn’t a laborious task, but rather something to be enjoyed, I read a book per week this summer.