The Bee Movie : Communism, Capitalism, and Colonialism

Jerry Seinfeld. Loving husband, father of four, and Emmy-nominated stand-up comedian. Noted for his iconic commentary: “what’s the DEAL with AIRLINE food??” Seinfeld has accomplished many great feats in his life, well known for his self-titled sitcom, Seinfeld, co-written with Larry David. But what happens when you give Jerry Seinfeld complete control of a children’s movie? You get The Bee Movie.

Yes, You DO Need to Vaccinate Your Children

It’s the dead of winter, folks, and you know what that means: snow that melts within twenty minutes of it falling, the lack of motivation to get out of bed in the morning (ok that’s every season, but it’s worse in the winter), and the flu. You have probably seen announcements going around using scary words like “epidemic” and “health advisory.”

The Worst Fans in the WORLD

It’s rare that the paper ventures into the world of sports. And by rare, I mean almost never. But as a dedicated fan of Fordham basketball who also has access to a printing press, it is my constitutional duty to put everyone on blast for the apathy that surrounds the basketball teams at this school.

The Hygge Life is the Best Life

If you are like me and spend an embarrassing amount of time stalking lifestyle bloggers on social media, you are bound to have come across the Danish word “hygge.” Or maybe you saw it on a hardcover book in Barnes & Noble, and intrigued, you picked it up only to learn that the small book costs a whopping twenty dollars and it is ridiculous to put that price tag on something like hygge, which really should cost no money at all.