When I first watched Black Mirror’s Bandersnatch I was stunned. I sat trembling in my easy chair not in fear of the film at hand but in excitement towards the idea of it. For Bandersnatch was something new, something creative and unexpected, that directly changed the rules of engagement between viewer and film to its advantage.

Dogs: the Evil on the Other End of the Leash

Dogs are evil. Yes, dear sinner, they may deceive you with their looks. Yes! Dear sinner! They have pinch-able cheeks, they have fluff, they have the works. Evil. Just looking at the face of a Pomeranian fills me with visceral rage. For I, dear sinner, have not fallen victim to their works of deception— nay, I have discovered them. Though it has taken lots of thinking and lots of time to gather my evidence, I am finally able to, within my capabilities, aptly delineate the devil that is in the dog.