A Playlist for Your Moods

Mental health is composed of three main categories; cognitive, behavioral, and emotional wellbeing according to Medical News Today. In regards to emotional wellbeing, it is important to remember all emotions are valid and worthy of being accepted and expressed in healthy ways. There are a variety of beneficial coping mechanisms for managing difficult emotions, one of which is listening to music.

“Bernchella:” Sen. Bernie Sanders’ Rallies Were a Political Party

Raging rallies were held by Democratic Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt in Iowa to gain support for his presidential campaign the week leading up to the Iowa Caucus. The rallies resembled a music festival complete with beer, live music, and a multitude of millennials. The event even gained a festival-inspired nickname ‘Bernchella.’ Bon Iver, Vampire Weekend and a variety of other musicians performed to show their support. Some songs on Vampire Weekend’s setlist were “2021,” “Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa,” and “Holiday.” Bon Iver’s gig included “Blood Bank,” “Flume” and “For Emma.”
Despite the rallies’ reputation and festival-inspired nickname, they were in fact political.