To My Comrades of the Paper

Like many revolutionary thinkers, I will be publishing my work anonymously. I know that I will call out some powerful people and do not want to put myself or those I love at risk. So here we go: I propose that the paper’s Earwax and News sections officially secede and form their own publication.

Talking About It

Over the summer, and indeed, most of the spring, there has been a plurality of issues that the United States has had to deal with, from a largely preventable and massive death count from COVID-19, loss of faith in public institutions, a large and growing movement for racial justice, and a demand for accountability when it comes to police violence.

Fordham University Begins Academic Reopening

Gazing over the crowd of freshmen watching Fordham’s orientation video on consent, I realized something: Fordham has well and truly fucked us. We chose to give them our eight grand, we chose to get into bed with them, on the assumption that all of us were going to work to get the best situation possible in these unprecedented times. Now, not only do they refuse to use protection—more on that later—but they continuously refuse to give us any information on what’s going to happen next.