I Don’t Like Kids

My name is Erin, and I dislike children. I’m not sorry—they’re just not my thing. If you have a kid or a little brother or sister or nephew that you think will be an exception because they are just “so cute,” they won’t be. They’ll be covered in slobber, snot, and every other bodily fluid you could imagine. In my opinion, they are an 18-year, at the very least, burden of time and finances. If I wanted a cute burden, I would get a dog. They scream less. It makes no sense to me that it’s more socially acceptable to go through all the pain of having a child than to simply opt out. It frustrates me immensely when I am at a wedding or similar event and hear somebody ask a couple about when they think they will have kids. For one, stay in your lane. But additionally, why do you feel the need to interrupt the couple’s happiness so quickly? Leave them alone and let them enjoy their lives at least a little bit before they decide to give up almost two decades of life experiences and a year of sleep.

I Have A Hydroflask, I’m Not a VSCO Girl, Yes We Exist

All I wanted was a water bottle to keep my beverages hot or cold for an extended period of time. At what cost? I take sip only to hear a chorus of sksksk from my roommates and acquaintances. I did not ask for this. I just wanted water. I am sick of being shamed simply for having the water bottle of VSCO girls. I have never made a friendship bracelet on it. In all seriousness, I actually now have a second water bottle for when I leave the room because I don’t want to be THAT girl. Why have we created this environment for ourselves? I don’t understand the big deal surrounding this specific water bottle. 

Fake Melania Conspiracy Theory Takes Nation by Storm

The internet has stricken the Trump family yet again. The fake Melania Trump conspiracy theory has returned with a vengeance and investigative Twitter is thrilled. For context, back in 2017 photos surfaced of Melania Trump looking rather unlike herself. The conspiracy is that this woman is not Melania at all. People believe that when Melania gets fed up with Donald’s shit, she sends in her double to attend events in her place. At first, it may seem ridiculous; however, it makes significantly more sense if you think about the dynamic of their marriage.

Politics has become desensitived and that’s a BAD THING

The problem with politics right now is not the president. Well actually– it is –but there are more important issues. There are just so many things happening all the time: people quitting, illegalities uncovered, etc. The problem is not these things alone, it’s just that nobody cares about anything anymore. So many shocking things have happened in the past years that would have given our grandparents aneurysms that we are desensitized to. When the president making death threats on Twitter becomes normal, there’s a problem. If somebody told me that today Donald Trump claimed he owns South America, frankly, I would probably believe them without batting an eye. Let us take a look back through the timeline of these past four years, shall we?

It’s The Remix To Ignition, Coming Straight Out Of Prison

It’s the remix to ignition, coming straight out of prison. Artist R. Kelly was arrested on Friday, February 22nd on at least ten counts of sexual abuse, some of which involved underage girls. This is not our friend Robert’s first rodeo in court. R. Kelly has been involved in an illegal marriage, many abuse scandals (some of which are on video), and is supposedly at least a couple hundred-thousand dollars in debt and facing eviction.