Stock Market Scare

After little over a year of President “Master of Wigs” Trump being in the White House, the stock market was at record highs. Just last week during the State of the Union Address, President Trump boasted large economic gains better than anything the U.S. has ever seen. Democrats and Republicans have gone back and forth as to who is responsible for the supposed resurgence in the economy.

The End of an Era: Fordham Says Goodbye to Beloved Auntie Anne’s

As a freshman at Fordham, it has taken me a little while to get used to all the sites, sounds, and nuances of living on campus and taking classes. My first week wasn’t exactly what you’d call fantastic. Sure, my orientation group was really nice, but I lost my room key on the second day of orientation. Not fun at all. One of my biggest concerns however, was what in the Lord’s name was I going to be eating.