Did you Know? Jurassic Park Is A Book Too!

It was a Saturday in late July, and I was far too sick to go outside to get the farmer’s tan I had been promising myself since winter. With yet another shitty Jurassic Park sequel hitting the theaters, I figured I would watch the decent original for the first time since I was young enough to actually know the names of the film’s unwitting, dinosaurian villains. I quickly realized that the film was essentially a rehashing of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein: a one-dimensional warning that what we “ought” and “can” do aren’t exactly one in the same.

Let’s get LITerate: Reflecting on a Book a Week

Between utilizing my every last brain cell to decipher Kantian philosophy and feverishly skimming outdated textbooks, I realized I had forgotten how to love reading. Just as the U.S. education system sucks the joy out of learning, forcing students to extrinsically memorize material over actually understanding it, reading became exhausting. In an effort to remind myself that reading isn’t a laborious task, but rather something to be enjoyed, I read a book per week this summer.