Mary-Kate and Ashley is a Lie and So is Your Childhood

Paris, Rome, London, New York City, the Bahamas, and a nonspecific desert in Mexico. What do all these fun, romantic places have in common?! They are all settings of prime Mary Kate and Ashley movies that you once held dear to your childhood. As you get older, you may feel a need to be #retro and re-watch some of these twin classics, especially if you are spending a semester abroad.

Fordham Should Invest in the Planet, and Not Just by Buying Flowers

In recent years, fossil fuels have become something of a pariah in American politics.  Class action suits, perhaps most famously Juliana v. United States, echo the lawsuits that broke the tobacco trust. Spearheaded by either youth activists or coastal cities, such lawsuits basically argue that Big Oil should be liable for the damage it has done to the planet. And, like Thalidomide or Big Tobacco, it should pay for its public deception about the true danger of its products, as its decades-long campaign of climate denial finally collapses.

Woes of a Budding Intern

Back in December, I began the extremely taxing process of writing a resume, and started my search for a summer internship. Unbeknownst to me, I set my hopes too high because I really hoped that I would land a paid internship – knowing to a degree that it was unlikely, but I didn’t realize how difficult it is to even get an internship, period.
As someone who has been working a paid job since the age of 15, I had learned from an early age that I deserve to get paid for the work that I do.

Netflix’s New Series is the Coming-of-Age Story We’ve Been Waiting For

Netflix released yet another original back in February called Everything Sucks! and I’m here to spoil it for you. The show is set in 1996 in Boring, Oregon, which is actually a real place, though it was filmed in Oregon City and Portland. The show revolves primarily around the stories of Luke and Kate, a freshman and a sophomore at Boring High School. Surprise, surprise, these kids are played by real 14-year-olds and not random 24-year-olds pretending like they still look young enough to pass as high schoolers. I’m going to take you through each episode, give you the highlights, and hopefully explain why I got so emotionally invested in this short-lived Netflix original.

Journalism Has Betrayed Me, It’s Okay I Guess

This past week, a publication (we do not speak its name here at the paper) published an article about me. I think it was intended to be complementary? Perhaps even admiring? However, upon reading it this past Wednesday, I found it to be insensitive, inappropriately toned, and: here’s the kicker. It was written so poorly and edited so haphazardly that it accidentally implied I was both sexist and racist. It did not explicitly call me a racist, but it could be inferred through misleading pronouns. Misleading pronouns: you know, that thing you learned not to do in middle school grammar class.

Jessica Jones Certified Fresh

Ahhh Netflix, you narcotics dealer you, you know exactly what you’re doing when you release an entire season of Jessica Jones at the same time, you know that I’m a college student and therefore I’m obligated to stay up until 3am and binge watch the entire thing. I’m beginning to think that Netflix wasn’t built by people looking to make money, but instead by time vampires hellbent on depriving the world of sleep and productivity. Well, congrats Netflix, it worked.