My Friday Night Manhattan Excursion

When my friend Richard invited me to grab Filipino food with him and a few other friends, I had no choice but to accept his kind offer. Mainly because my original plans for the day had fallen through, leaving me disappointed and without purpose. But I was also enticed that this excursion involved two of my favorite things at college: exploring NYC with friends and trying new, delicious foods.

Maggie and Areej Spill the Tea

Coffee is like a toxic friend. You love hanging out with them in the moment, but they always end up backstabbing you. Tea, on the other hand, is like your favorite English professor. It’s always there for you, and they both have the “dark academia” vibe that we all love. There’s no doubt that tea is better than coffee.

Alex’s Food Review: Levain’s Bakery

It used to be that when I thought about “instagrammable” NYC food, all I thought of was form-over-function, overpriced, and under portioned dishes that make a well-lit pic from an influencer the best way to enjoy them. If all of this seems unappealing, book a Ram Van (a day in advance!) and head over to Levain Bakery legitimately as soon as possible.

What Learning From Home and Online Is Really Like!

For a lot of students prior to the year 2020, the thought of going to school was a nightmare. More precisely, the act of waking up at the crack of dawn, racing to the bathroom and brushing your teeth, shoving two slices of bread down your throat to then hurl yourself into a classroom with people you barely liked was nauseating… and yet, there is something about this traditional style of education that I miss so much.

Mourning in America

Earlier this month, the nation marked the nineteenth anniversary of the September 11, 2001, terror attacks with our usual solemnity, care, and grief. Photos of the burning World Trade Center were once again splashed across social media, lest anyone get the impression that they had forgotten the event which so scarred our collective consciousness.