The Keating Bell Tower Heist

It’s just about 2am, and the oppressive summer air was giving me as much trouble as my acrophobia was while I climbed the steps of Keating’s forbidden bell tower. I really hadn’t even climbed all too far yet before my fear kicked in, so I tried to distract myself by reliving the moment we got in.

Why Queefs are Edited Out of Porn

Whether you watch it or not, we have (for the most part) come to the general consensus that pornography creates unrealistic expectations of sex. The exaggerated, glamorized bodies (most porn actors have a strict diet and workout regimen, have plastic surgery, or use steroids), the ridiculous and improbable scenarios (my stepmom caught me having sex with the girl next door’s goldfish and decided to join!) and the basic subject matter has been created for shock value rather than to accurately depict everyday sexual encounters.

A Treatise against Grindr

The first few weeks of college are a whirlwind for every new freshman. Endless parties, tons of new friends, and a chance to break away from whomever you were in High School. It’s a fresh start, a place for reinvention and creativity. For many students, it’s also a chance to explore their sexuality. For many straight students that may mean downloading Tinder or Bumble on to their phones. However, for many gay and bisexual men that exploration is often done through Grindr.