Hughes Hall Is Heaven but We Need New Gates

If you think of the coolest buildings on campus, Hughes Hall, the home of the Gabelli School of Business, is likely one of the first to come to mind. Even non-business students feel this way. [Name redacted], a liberal artist, says, “I’ve never been inside it but honestly when I walk by I think, ‘that’s so cool.’” It’s white and well-lit steps, dark stones, aluminum handrails, terrazzo floor, Hilton Garden Inn furniture, wood accents and futuristic trading room are a level above the rest. And let’s not forget those gorgeous sliding doors. Ooooh Aaaaah… they open, they close, they make a sexy swoosh noise…. Oh those sliding doors, they’re so cool, they’re too cool, in fact, they are cold, extremely cold.

“The Hunger Games” Prequel Will Not Be Bad, I Promise

I’m not exaggerating when I say this—the acclaimed “Hunger Games” trilogy, despite being about the oppressive nature of a tyrannical government and kids killing each other in a sadistic televised tournament—absolutely defined my middle school years. When I say I was obsessed, I was obsessed. I read the first two books hundreds of times. (We don’t talk about “Mockingjay.” It did not happen . . . still emotionally scarred.) I invented backstories for every single tribute in the 74th Games through at least six poorly written Quotev fanfics. I pledged to ship Cato and Clove until the day I die and entered a state of depression when I discovered their love story was completely erased from the movies (still salty). Katniss Everdeen was my hero and I am in love with Finnick Odair to this day. I clearly remember that, at an eighth-grade pool party, my friends and I played Categories and my first question was: “Who’s your favorite movie character?” I leaped into the pool and screamed “Clove!” and everyone judged me for liking the knife girl. That illustrates the severity of my obsession.

Environmental Degradation in the Modern Era

I once remember a high school history teacher of mine telling me how he did not know much about the environment. Still, he thought it was becoming increasingly worse. I then remember my AP Chem teacher, during my sophomore year of high school, confirming the fact that the environment is degrading, and that one did not need to be in an AP science class to recognize this. When I first heard about this issue, I did not know what to think, as I had grown accustomed to weather disasters such as Hurricane Sandy affecting my own area of New Jersey. I had wrongly assumed for some reason that this was natural and that these hurricanes and pollutants in the air were just some kind of byproduct of human existence. It did not take me long, however, to realize that this is not the way the environment should be and that global temperatures rising is negatively impacting the world.

And the Loser Is… Everyone

It’s that time of year again. On Sunday nights I turn on the TV, excited to waste the next 2-4 hours watching Hollywood A-listers pat themselves on the back. The Golden Globes, the Grammys, and the Oscars are what gets me through these dark winter months. And maybe you’re like me, studying the list of nominees and tuning in live just to watch the Recording Academy snub Lana Del Rey (again). Or you’re like most people, either watching the highlights the next day, or just not caring to tune it at all.

Bring Back the Rameses Dynasty

On the hallowed grounds of Rose Hill, the legacy of Fordham’s athletic achievements shine bright. The 7 Pillars of Granite, the bell, the Lombardi name, and other mementos to Fordham’s athletic prowess are held high. Yet today, Fordham is seeing a crisis in school spirit. Attend any football or basketball game and the crowds are lively, but too often there is a teetering feeling that all depends on how good the team is playing. The bleachers are almost never filled, and even though we love our school, we can’t all profess to love our sports teams.

The Media Needs To Give Harry and Meghan a Break

Here’s the thing about the English monarchy: they don’t really do anything anymore. Thanks to the country’s parliamentary monarchy system, the Queen and her family have no actual power when it comes to lawmaking or governing the country. The job is often purely ceremonial and at some times, even downright performative. A far cry from the powerful previous Kings and Queens, the Royal Family, at this point, are more media personalities than global leaders.