Yes, You DO Need to Vaccinate Your Children

It’s the dead of winter, folks, and you know what that means: snow that melts within twenty minutes of it falling, the lack of motivation to get out of bed in the morning (ok that’s every season, but it’s worse in the winter), and the flu. You have probably seen announcements going around using scary words like “epidemic” and “health advisory.”

The Worst Fans in the WORLD

It’s rare that the paper ventures into the world of sports. And by rare, I mean almost never. But as a dedicated fan of Fordham basketball who also has access to a printing press, it is my constitutional duty to put everyone on blast for the apathy that surrounds the basketball teams at this school.

The Hygge Life is the Best Life

If you are like me and spend an embarrassing amount of time stalking lifestyle bloggers on social media, you are bound to have come across the Danish word “hygge.” Or maybe you saw it on a hardcover book in Barnes & Noble, and intrigued, you picked it up only to learn that the small book costs a whopping twenty dollars and it is ridiculous to put that price tag on something like hygge, which really should cost no money at all.

The Feminist Pro-Life Movement is Real and It’s Everything You Wanted

Have you ever heard of the feminist pro-life movement? Probably not. It’s incredibly niche and often overshadowed by its more vocal Bible-thumping, shame-shouting counterparts. Although the progressive pro-life movement shares an end goal with the rest of the anti-abortion movement, it dramatically differs in its mission and offers a modern, compassionate perspective to a 45 year old issue that has divided the country.

Women Priests: The Final Female Frontier

I was born and raised in the Catholic Church, and have been going to mass for the past 19 years of my life. I’m actually really thankful that I was raised with this spiritual influence in my life, and I’m proud to be a part of the Catholic faith. However, ever since I was a kid, I’ve always been confused by one specific aspect of my religion. Why aren’t there any women priests in the Catholic Church yet? This question came up recently while talking to a friend of mine, and they pointed out that the Church had theological reasoning for women to be barred from the priesthood. I wanted to look into the reasons the Church has for only male priests, because, as secular culture continues to move towards gender equality, the Church looks more and more archaic. I don’t think it’s unreasonable for members of the Church to expect and demand equality. However the reasoning that the church provides makes it difficult for real change to happen, since the men only standard has some convenient theological backing.