How the *Virtual* Golden Globes 2021 Turned Out!

Every year there are surprises and disappointments when it comes to awards being given at the Academy Awards… oh wait we’re not talking about the Oscars but these awards regarding American television are just about up there! The 78th Golden Globes of 2021 were hosted by Amy Poehler and Tina Fey who were quite literally states apart, and by that, I mean coasts apart.

CDC Releases Guidelines for Vaccinated People: Answering Your Questions About Life Coming Back

As everyone surely already knows by now, Dr. Anthony Fauci made headlines the other day, when he called a press conference in order to say that “every member of the staff of the paper at Fordham University is the most essential worker in the entire country, and I would like to personally fly each one of them to DC and vaccinate them myself!” Badabing badaboom, and we’re vaxxed! Well, maybe it didn’t happen exactly like that