Review: Phantom Thread Soundtrack by Johnny Greenwood

If you’re like me, you didn’t realize until just now that the guitarist from Radiohead did anything else. Evi- dently he writes music for really good movies. Along with being one of the most notable rock guitarists of the past couple decades, Johnny Greenwood also composes scores on viola and piano for writer/director, Paul Thomas Anderson. Already under his belt are the scores for ‘The Master’ and ‘There will be Blood.’

Review: To Imagine by The Neighbourhood

Californian, alternative, indie band The Neighbourhood has released their fifth EP, To Imagine. The EP, coming after their 2017 release, Hard, was posted on the January 12.  Its first song, “Dust,” which addresses climate change, begins with an ominous tone, talking about waterless lakes and fish growing wings to escape. The buildup leads to a pre-chorus with isolated vocals that seem to direct criticism at corporations and politicians, followed by a high-energy chorus.  

Review: Blue Madonna by BØRNS

BØRNS’ kicked off the new year with a new album! I’d consider myself a casual BØRNS fan, and by that I mean I could maybe name three of his songs. I definitely didn’t know he was coming out with a new album, so I went in with no expectations. This new release, Blue Madonna, had me feeling really out of touch with my body. I actually felt like I was in the middle of a lucid dream while I was listening to this album. I haven’t decided what that means exactly, but let’s just say that this album is full of some incredible sounds. These tracks are psychedelic as hell, but sometimes it’s a little too much for my delicate ears to handle. Believe me, this album is no “Electric Love.”

Review: Drake’s Scary Hours

I am not a Drake fan– all of his music sounds the same to me, and that is exactly how I feel about his new EP, Scary Hours. The two songs released, “God’s Plan” and “Diplomatic Immunity” are essentially little diary pieces from Drake, which is cool and all, but all of his music just kind of sounds like “Hotline Bling” to me.

Review: Mania by Fall Out Boy

After listening to the new Fallout Boy EP Mania, I have a few takeaways. First: This album is bad, and second, this album isn’t Fallout Boy. I won’t pretend that Mania is the worst thing to hit my ears this year. I won’t even pretend that the leading single in the EP“Young and Menace” isn’t extremely catchy despite being a generic EDM banger.