The Holy Trinity of Anti-Pop: A Genre of Musical Fluidity

I love pants. Jeans, chinos, joggers – you name it, I wear it. The allure of showing off my prize-winning calves in a pair of shorts on a hot summer day pales in comparison to the way my denim-clad string bean legs contrast with the crisp golden hues of Fordham’s fall foliage. Personally, I like to cuff the legs of my pants twice; one cuff would cause my trousers to ride low on my ankles and awkwardly graze my Stan Smiths, but three cuffs would expose too much ankle, thereby compromising my warmth and masculinity. All cuffs aside, the headphones I hold in my left pocket are the most crucial component of any walk around campus I have ever found myself on, and nine times out of ten I could have been found listening to the same genre: anti-pop.

The Louvre is Human Culture

When my friend and I went to the Louvre we knew we had to plan accordingly. It’s the largest art museum in the world, with 38,000 pieces of art spread across over 700,000 square feet, not to mention that the Louvre Palace was established as a museum over 200 years ago. Before that it was a royal fortress then palace! Much to my friend’s dismay I was just as interested in the building as I was in the art objects, oops.