Did you Know? Jurassic Park Is A Book Too!

It was a Saturday in late July, and I was far too sick to go outside to get the farmer’s tan I had been promising myself since winter. With yet another shitty Jurassic Park sequel hitting the theaters, I figured I would watch the decent original for the first time since I was young enough to actually know the names of the film’s unwitting, dinosaurian villains. I quickly realized that the film was essentially a rehashing of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein: a one-dimensional warning that what we “ought” and “can” do aren’t exactly one in the same.

The Holy Trinity of Anti-Pop: A Genre of Musical Fluidity

I love pants. Jeans, chinos, joggers – you name it, I wear it. The allure of showing off my prize-winning calves in a pair of shorts on a hot summer day pales in comparison to the way my denim-clad string bean legs contrast with the crisp golden hues of Fordham’s fall foliage. Personally, I like to cuff the legs of my pants twice; one cuff would cause my trousers to ride low on my ankles and awkwardly graze my Stan Smiths, but three cuffs would expose too much ankle, thereby compromising my warmth and masculinity. All cuffs aside, the headphones I hold in my left pocket are the most crucial component of any walk around campus I have ever found myself on, and nine times out of ten I could have been found listening to the same genre: anti-pop.

Why You Should Binge-Watch Friends Right Now

In an age where Netflix allows us to take on binge-watching as a part-time job, it can be easy to get caught up in shows that, quite frankly, are not worth the life-consuming amount of time they require. We’ve all been there: two seasons and about 20 hours into a new show you’ve been binge-watching, you’re suddenly hit with the realization that it isn’t so great after all, and between the gaping plot holes or ridiculous character changes (2015 telenovela Celia, I’m looking at you), you’re so disgusted that you physically cannot watch another episode. It’s perhaps the greatest let-down of the modern day, to discover that you’ve devoted so much time and emotional investment into a show that you ultimately found to be disappointing. I’m here to offer solace on the issue. If you need a safe bet for a show on Netflix that will do anything but disappoint, your next watch (or perhaps re-watch) should be the 1994 sitcom, Friends.