Yeah, we don't get it either.

In Arts this issue we interview the “glamour god of crunkcore,” whatever that is! We also look at Robert Frank’s genius work, The Americans, we review Where The Wild Things Are, and provide a photographer’s guide to northern Manhattan. Also, a letter to Lady Gaga, tales from Housing Works, and a review of the International Center of Photography’s show, “The Mexican Suitcase.”

Read Arts [PDF]

A note from Sean Bandfield, the dude who wrote the crunkcore article… if you didn’t get enough Brokencyde in the Arts section, check out the whole damned interview!

Here you are, little crunklins – the whole audio interview with none other than Dahvie Vanity.

There was much much much that I wanted to put in my article, but I just didn’t have the real estate. Give this a listenin’ though, as everything I wanted to include but had to take out will be found in yonder mp3.

If the player gives you an attitude, keep hitting play and wait a few seconds. She’ll get there.

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