The Editor of the Editorials section, Mr. Robert Cardos, contends that this issue contains two manifestos: “The Voracity of Nope: Debunking the American Dream” and “Forcing Accountability: An Argument for a Student Union at Fordham.” And guess what?! Both appear in the Editorials section. Also, we’ve got everything from Rick James poetry (I swear) to what you should have done on Valentines day, from the santeria store on Webster Ave. to rbots fighting our future wars. We also learn what it’s like to experience a Mischief Brew show and to be a Republican who recounts the history of the war (I swear). And our “Exec” this issue (found on the first page of Editorials) gives y’all a brief history of student protest at Fordham and why it’s important to remember this stuff, now more than ever.
Also, aforementioned Editor Bobby Cardos has an album. He would never link to it, but the rest of us will for him, mostly ’cause it’ll make him blush. Download it here.

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This robot will fight our wars.

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