Here at the paper we take our sports seriously. Almost as seriously as we take ourselves.

And we take ourselves pretty fucking seriously.

See what I mean?

That’s why in this issue we lay the smackdown with a little sweet chin music, bust out with a Top 10 on glorified knee injuries, and even cover (Gasp!) Fordham sports… just kidding. But we did manage an almost straight news story about the men’s rugby squad and if that won’t hold your interest we got an NFL round up to go with it. Hell, we even found the time to go play some softball and we wrote about that shit too.

And of course over on 161st St. we got our “Wrecking Ball Countdown Studios” supplying us with round-the-clock coverage of the slow and painful death of Yankee Stadium.

Stadium Hell
Next Stop: Stadium Hell

But in the end you’re probably better off just reading ESPN.

Read Sports (PDF version).

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