Me, sexualized?
Me, sexualized?!

The free world might be in a free fall, the US Empire may be crumbling, and homosexuals may be converting the masses to a satanic Islamo-fascists, working to fluoridate our water and sap our precious, Christian, bodily fluids as you read this, but this issue, the paper‘s got its sights set on something a bit above all that, we’ve got VP fever, if you know what I mean. Contributing writer Emily Genetta tackles the question: why is the Right always talking about ralin’ Palin?

Beyond that, this issue rakes some muck on the potential Apocalypse, third party candidates, our boring economy, Chinese Milk, and McCain’s War on the Media, plus a fresh batch of complete lies. Enjoy.

Read News (PDF version).

2 thoughts

  1. Genetta’s article is insightful, detailed, clear and on the money.

    Not so the front page lead-in about “Christian” fluids, etc. Why gratuitously insult the people that support your free speech with inflammatory, self-concious-“read-me” words like that, or the seriously inappropriate illustration of McCain and Palin? We get the Palin sexism treatment from the other photos.

    For a paper that wants to be taken seriously, and should be, it lends it the appearance of a fratboy high school rant or a Nat’l Lampoon knockoff (you wish).

  2. (That’s a quote from the movie Dr. Strangelove)
    (And Emily herself provided those pictures)

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