Welcome back dudes! As many of you have probably noticed by now, it’s near impossible to walk around the tri-bar area and not hear some version of the infinitely remixed song “Paper Planes” by M.I.A exploding out the windows of a passing car. For some this may spark a feeling of joy, but it is seriously time to stop making remixes of the same song and listen to something new. The song is played out, in some cases to the point where very little of the original song is even noticeable, and the fact that it can be heard blaring from cars on almost any street is near unbearable. Below you can find some new music that is pretty good in some cases, pretty bad in others, but new and unremixed nontheless.

On a completely unrelated note, last year I mentioned a little mouse that lived in my dorm room named Don Fabrizio that came out and sniffed around whenever my roommate and I played music. A message to Don Fabrizio: we no longer live in the bumhole of Queen’s Court, but we miss you, and if you have grown into the large rat that lives outside O’Hare, God bless you.

Read Earwax (PDF version).

Ill-Legal Download List:

“Tears and Music of Love” – Deerhoof
Deerhoof’s first single from their forthcoming album Offend Maggie is a rock song as only Deerhoof can write. The band is never wont to stay in one place for very long, and “The Tears and Music of Love” shows the band’s propensity for unconventional song structure and disparate song parts while still maintaining fluidity. The song’s primary (read: most common) melody is primarily Satomi Matsuzaki’s two note falsetto doubled by one guitar, while the other plays a thin rythmic riff underneath and Greg Saunier tastefully and impressively around his minimal drum kit. Despite their generally eclectic nature, Deerhoof still manage to remain extremely catchy, and this song is a perfect example of exactly how Deerhoof is able to accomplish more in a three to four minute song than most rock bands can accomplish in an entire discography.

“Bumpin’ Rap Tapes” – Japanther
“Bumpin’ Rap Tapes,” the first track off the upcoming full length, Tut Tut, Now Shake Ya Butt, shows Japanther staying comfortably within their special brand of fuzzy dance-punk. Like almost every other Japanther song, “Bumpin’ Rap Tapes” is catchy, dancy, repetitive, and absolutely worth a listen. Granted it’s nothing special or spectacular, but it gets the job done, and the echoey drum intro is nothing short of delightful. Check out Spin magazine’s website to download the song for free and read about the upcoming album.

“Swagger Like Us” – T.I. feat. Kanye, Jay Z, Lil’ Wayne
It’s all over the radio and bumping from every car radio in the Bronx, just like it fucking should be. A pure banger from end to end, the song features four ego-fuelled, gangsta-ass, extremely talented lyricists, who aren’t afraid to grab their nuts and tell the world to suck on them. And the beat is just HUGE. With a deft synthy keyboard, and M.I.A’s soothing voice telling the world that “No one on the corner got swagger like us,” it gives everyone ample room to shine.

“Dead City Sound” – O Pioneers!!!
O Pioneers!!!, formerly a two-man band playing lo-fi punk and releasing about two billion 7-inches a day, have finally added a bass player and settled down to record a second full length. The full band sound kicks in hard in this song, starting with a driving bass intro and progessing into what I always wanted O Pioneers!!! to sound like. I knew they had it in them, and they finally let it out. The vocals are less whiney then they once were, the gravely screaming is beautifully timed, and it’s placed against a layer of music that actually sounds full, complete, and welcomingly listenable.

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