This issue, Edits begins by the paper‘s expressing its opinion on the recent campus flyers the College Republicans (“Join the Rebel Alliance!” Nice Star Wars reference, Repubs.) have been putting up around campus. We then widen the scope by looking at this silly new habit the Republicans have–portraying themselves as the underdogs, the rebels.

But I digress. Edits also has some kick-ass coverage of State Democratic Representative Election Night Party, a harrowing tale of going to jail and back, and the experience of a certain contributer who tried to go vice free—no booze, no cigs, no soda, no junk food, no sex, no nothin’—for few days. Take it from the paper, it’s pretty tough (actually, we’ve never tried, so we don’t know).

Other than that, we also take a look at all this Obama fear sweeping red America, send off a few letters from the grave, and even feature an article written by the News Editor of The Ram!

Read Edits (PDF version).

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