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the paper, Fordham University’s student journal of news, analysis, comment, and review, is a product solely of the students. No part of the publication may be reproduced without written consent of the editors. the paper is produced using Adobe InDesign and Photoshop, as well as Microsoft Word and the incredibly hard work of the people to the left.

Photos are “borrowed” from Internet sites like: www.imdb.com, www.google.com, www.nambla.org, www.rollingstone.com, www.cnn.com. Sorry mom, subscriptions are not available. Ad rates are unreasonable – don’t ask.

The Original
The Original

Open staff meetings are held Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on the second floor of McGinley, in Rose Hill Commons. Articles and letters to the editor may be submitted via e-mail to paper.fordham@gmail.com, or scrawled incoherently in White-Out on back issues of Penthouse magazine. Submissions are always considered, usually printed, and occasionally used to make origami rhinoceroses. If you do not wish your letter to the editor to be published, just say so. We do not advocate wussitude; all letters must be signed. We reserve the right to edit any material submitted for publication. We will, however, work with the writer and see that content is as true to the writer’s original as possible. We publish this rag ten times a year (fiver per semester).

So why not come down and write for us? We are a constantly evolving publication, and have been since 1972. And we try our best to second guess mainstream opinion and buck the system, even if there is no call to do so. But hey, writing isn’t for everyone.

Before The Original
Before The Original

Our Aim

the paper is Fordham University’s student journal of news, analysis, comment, and review. Our aim is to give the Fordham community fresh insights on old issues, new thoughts on new issues, and information that other campus publications may not be able to report. We do not claim to be a newspaper of record – facts, figures, and dates. Instead, we focus on the Fordham student perspective, on thoughtful analysis, and on the comprehension of the full scope of events, rather than staggered and straight news coverage. In short, our emphasis is on the obvious and active role of the student writer in his or her work. We also aim to provide Fordham students a less fettered venue for expression, something they may not be able to find at other student publications.

Basically, if we make you laugh, piss you off, or move you in some way, then we’re doing our job.

If you don’t like it, shut your pie hole (or come write for us)!

If you wanna come out and write for us we meet in the Rose Hill Commons 236, on the second floor of McGinley Center, Tuesdays at 9 PM. Come on by.

It should be known that the views expressed here on this blog do not necessarily represent the views of the paper or any of our other writers.

5 thoughts

  1. Hi Sarah Madges!

    Great paper! Your I like your style and the great little comments “embedded” in this home page copy.

    Good luck with the paper, and your writing. Keep pushing the envelope, and nudging us all.

    Chris Schroder (P. Ridge friend from the ‘Nati)

    1. Dear Chris Schroder,

      Thanks for your comments! And thanks for reading! We’ll do our thing, and you keep doing yours. Hope all is well in Cincinnati. -Sarah

  2. just came across this blog…so glad the paper is still at it after all this time! I was on staff with sickles, anderson, blanker, prisco, wear, buble–all the best best people! we took the paper to weekly (“not weakly”) status in 1982 or 3 I think. always seemed to be in trouble about something (or looking for it). you guys, keep it up!

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