About Us

Since 1972, the paper has served as Fordham’s free-speech journal of news, analysis, comment, and review.  Biweekly, students across disciplines and years of study come together to bring you a printed and digital issue of the paper.  Photos are “borrowed” from the Internet and edited by students.  In light of the pandemic, we’ve made changes but maintain our commitment to informative, entertaining, and quality student journalism.  To do so we employ Canva, WordPress, various social media platforms, and most importantly, the hard work and creativity of our team.  Open meetings are held every Tuesday at 9:15 PM on Zoom to pitch ideas, plan upcoming issues, and have fun.  Articles, fake-ads, cartoons, and the like may be submitted via e-mail to thepaper@fordham.edu.  Student submissions are always considered and usually published.  We do not assign topics but our staff is more than willing to help new writers discover their own unique voices and figure out how to most effectively convey their thoughts and ideas.  If you have an article idea, come to our meetings or shoot us an email.  From there, you’ll write the article, we’ll help you edit it, and finally your article will be published! We are happy to work with anyone who is interested.  Do not hesitate to reach out to us with any questions, comments, or concerns.

The OriginalWhy write for us?  We’re a constantly evolving publication and are looking for creatives like you.  We provide an outlet of expression otherwise unavailable to Fordham students and will help you develop your writing skills.  Moreover, writers and artists are free to say whatever they want whenever they want!  At the paper, we’d love to hear what you have to say and can’t wait to see you at our next meeting.  See our latest email for the Zoom meeting link and most recent updates.

Our AimBefore The Original

Our aim is to give the Fordham community fresh insights on old issues, new thoughts on new issues, and information that other campus publications may not be able to report.  We focus on the Fordham student perspective and on thoughtful analysis.  We also aim to provide Fordham students with a less fettered venue for expression, something they may not be able to find at other student publications.  Basically, if we make you laugh, piss you off, or move you in some way, then we’re doing our job!

The views expressed in this publication do not necessarily represent the views of the paper, Fordham University, or any of our other writer

Find us on Zoom every Tuesday at 9:15 PM.

5 thoughts

  1. Hi Sarah Madges!

    Great paper! Your I like your style and the great little comments “embedded” in this home page copy.

    Good luck with the paper, and your writing. Keep pushing the envelope, and nudging us all.

    Chris Schroder (P. Ridge friend from the ‘Nati)

    1. Dear Chris Schroder,

      Thanks for your comments! And thanks for reading! We’ll do our thing, and you keep doing yours. Hope all is well in Cincinnati. -Sarah

  2. just came across this blog…so glad the paper is still at it after all this time! I was on staff with sickles, anderson, blanker, prisco, wear, buble–all the best best people! we took the paper to weekly (“not weakly”) status in 1982 or 3 I think. always seemed to be in trouble about something (or looking for it). you guys, keep it up!

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