“True That” Review Michael Cera

by Jett Neubacher

Michael Cera’s album True That is like if Kurt Cobain became the lead singer for Neutral Milk Hotel and his voice never finished puberty. In his songs, Michael gently reaches out to hold your hand, kisses you softly on the cheek, and hands you a warm glass of milk.

True That is comfort music that hurts your stomach because it’s pretty depressing. While your poor little lactose-intolerant booty is stuck on the toilet, Michael kindly offers to wipe for you. Thank you Michael; you are beginning to fall in love with him. Later that night while you two spoon in a twin bed he whispers into your ear that he is actually really angsty and the dark void of emptiness awaiting us all has been weighing down on him lately. True That is a soft reminder of the monotony and struggle that life is. Michael brings comfort to this harsh reality with his quant guitar strums and prepubescent yet beautiful voice.

My favorite song is titled Ruth, an account of Michael meeting a girl who is too good for this cruel world. In all seriousness, Ruth displays how love and empathy can prevail over the sorrow and loneliness that plague many of us all. I admire Michael Cera for his vulnerability in True That and the warm cozy feeling he gives me while simultaneously confronting the melancholy of life.

This consolation from the adorable and fantastic Michael Cera makes his album into a memorable little warm glass of milk you can drink at night if your stomach is up to the challenge.

Rating: 5/5

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