The “Worst” Album of 2021…So Far

by Brendon Gardner

Every year there are a plethora of albums that get released to the public, some are beautiful and some are genuinely godawful. This year, I decided to look up what has been the worst album of 2021 so far and see if it is as bad as the critics say. I found a couple sources but the one album that consistently got the worst review was WE GOT DRUNK AND MADE AN EP by TRAMP STAMPS. Some of the songs that make up this album include “ANGER ISSUES,” “Sex With Me,” and “PuKe & RaLLy.” Needless to say, the tone and messages of the album seem pretty self-evident from the name of the songs and the name of the album itself. TRAMP STAMPS are a very new pop-punk band that quickly got a lot of hate.  Despite the hate this band got on TikTok, I genuinely did not hate their debut album. Sure, the lyrics aren’t anything spectacular and may be a little repetitive, but that does not mean that they’re bad by any means. I honestly did not mind the music that went along with the lyrics too and I found it pretty exciting to listen to.

Honestly, I think it is kind of unfair that WE GOT DRUNK AND MADE AN EP has been continuously called the worst album of 2021 since there have been several other worse albums released this year. Maroon 5’s JORDI was horrible, Ed Sheeran’s = was terrible, and Coldplay’s Music Of The Spheres was just as bad as the other two. Each of those, in my opinion, were worse than TRAMP STAMPS’ debut album (emphasis on “debut”). All in all, I think TRAMP STAMPS’ WE GOT DRUNK AND MADE AN EP was far from the worst album of 2021 and I would give it a two out of five.

Rating: 2/5

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