In a World of Pure Hallucination…

by Morgan Spillman

The story of Roald Dahl’s “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory,” in addition to the newer movie rendition “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,” is popular across the world. What many people don’t know is that the whole chocolate factory visit is just one big acid trip, and that Willy Wonka himself is a drug lord. I have multiple examples from the plot that support this theory. We start with the chocolate bars. Although the chocolate itself isn’t spiked or laced with marijuana, it acts as a sort of lure to bait people.

Willy Wonka has always been a man of mystery, and we all wanna know why? …IT’S BECAUSE OF DRUGS. In the first scene, he walks out of the factory with a limp and then somersaults. Gene Wilder only agreed to play the part with this condition, because he said “from that time on, no one will know if I’m lying or telling the truth.” This adds to his character’s mystery, brings up questions about his true age. However, despite not being extremely elderly, he seems pretty old for a drug lord. That’s why he needs to recruit someone younger to take over. Charlie’s a perfect target because he’s a young, poor orphan. His Grandpa’s just along for the kooky ride.

Doesn’t an everlasting gobstopper sound like acid to you? It is literally meant to last forever, and supposedly changes color. When Wonka introduces the group to a “piece of gum” that “tastes” like a three-course meal, Violet doesn’t pass up the opportunity to try it. Violet inflates into a blueberry BECAUSE she was allergic to the drug. One of the symptoms of drug infection is your skin puffing up and discoloration. Willy Wonka creates this whole test to see who is strong enough to resist the drug that he is mass producing.

To do this, Wonka utilizes the help of his Oompa Loompas to produce, ship the cartels, and make the chocolate as a lure. Don’t get me wrong, it is still a Chocolate Factory, but it’s a hub for money laundering and a drug cartel. Drug leaders “are wily strategists and extremely sophisticated business people. Because their business depends on identifying

and exploiting loopholes in the world’s legal and financial systems, they hire the brightest talent they can find to help them achieve their goals, and pay them extraordinarily well.” Does Willy Wonka come off as educated? No, not really. He’s just an insane strategist and businessman who knows exactly what to say. He also happens to need the brightest kid in the bunch.

As we know from the story, Charlie is the only one who technically doesn’t eat anything. However, he does succumb to the fizzy lifting drinks, which can also be known as champagne. Taking the sip isn’t technically cheating because, unlike the other children, he doesn’t fall into the captivation of drugs. This then proves that he is not needy or selfish, despite not coming from money. The other kids have these traits, which is why they would want all the drugs for themselves. Drug leaders also hire specialists or expert lawyers to skirt the legal system. This right hand man figure is seen with Slugworth. At first, Slugworth seems like a creepy candyman who competes with Wonka’s empire. However, towards the end we find out he works for Wonka to promote the “everlasting gobstoppers” and other drugs to the children.

The machine that makes the “everlasting gobstoppers” is entirely secret. When Mike TeeVee asks what they are made of, Wonka responds with: “I’m a trifle deaf in this ear, speak louder next time”. When the kids beg for an “everlasting gobstopper”, Wonka agrees to give them out on one condition: that they each keep it to themselves. If they give it to his competition, like Slugworth, then they would likely deal his other drug product to competitors. Each kid gets one because Wonka claims: “one is enough”. He also doesn’t give any to the parents

because they would become suspicious.

Although it’s not entirely clear whether or not the trip inside the factory and the things they experience is real, there’s actually a scene in the movie where an acid trip actually happens. This is in the “Tunnel of Terror”, cast members said they actually thought Gene Wilder was going crazy while filming it. During the scene, the kids and their parents ride on a ferry on the chocolate river into a tunnel. Suddenly, the ride becomes dangerously fast while Wonka croons a haunting tune. All around them there are flashing lights, colors, and projections of terrifying images, just like a bad trip. Mike Teevee’s mom says she’s going to be sick, and everyone begs to make it stop.

Willy Wonka seems trustworthy, but still comes off as psychopathic in this scene because he’s is a strategic manipulator.

Although he does not encourage the children to eat anything, Wonka never actively stops them from indulging. He frequently says words like “stop, wait,” and “don’t” unenthusiastically. When any of the kids go against his instruction, he secretly wants all of them to fail the challenge, except Charlie. In the last scene, in Willy Wonka’s office, everything is cut in half, which adds to the mysterious effect of his character. Charlie has always been Wonka’s target, that’s why he is the only kid left. But because he drank the fizzy lifting drink against Wonka’s orders, he “loses” the challenge. Wonka instructed that the fizzy lifting drink was “too powerful” for children, implying that it’s alcohol. When Charlie and his Grandpa try the drinks, he regrets the decision because of the danger. Wonka is upset with Charlie’s decision because he doesn’t expect him to be disloyal or selfish. However, when Charlie finds out he has upset Willy Wonka, he returns the “everlasting gobstopper”. This changes Wonka’s mind about Charlie taking over as the drug lord because he was able to prove his loyalty.

Overall, these are the reasons why Willy Wonka’s “World of pure imagination” is actually a “World of pure hallucination”, and just a way to not only drug and scam kids and their parents, but make bank. Despite this theory, the original movie is still one of my favorites of all time. Head on over to IMDB to find out more cool and interesting facts about the movie and story. You can also watch the movie on HBO Max or Amazon Prime Video. However, I don’t suggest rolling while watching.

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