Remi Wolf’s “Juno” Provides Endless Enjoyment Now but Will it be Locked in Time

by Jack Ramos

Through an intricate mix of effervescent hyperpop and bass-heavy funk, Remi Wolf moves into her own on her latest album, “Juno.” Wolf navigates the depths of self-doubt while managing to pull a punchline at the last second on almost every song.

The album is co-produced by Wolf’s collaborator and friend Jared “Solomonophonic” Solomon. He adds addictive and wobbly guitar riffs that pair excellently with Wolf’s powerful vocals. Every line is crammed with pop-culture references and self-deprecating jokes, which add heavily to the kooky aesthetic of the album. While constantly being the butt of her own jokes, Wolf aptly manages to recount her experiences coming up in the limelight of the hyperpop scene. Songs like “Liquor Store” show her experiences going sober and the gags that come along with it. Her energy then shifts with songs like “wyd” and “Quiet on Set,” where she manages to have you bob your head while she raps about an orgy at a Five Guys.

While endlessly enjoyable, this reviewer questions whether or not the heavy use of pop culture references will render “Juno” locked in time and dated within a few years. However, the ephemeral nature of this album makes it feel like it was made specifically for the person listening to it. 

Wolf hits her high point on the song “Sexy Villian” with a hook so catchy you could probably hum it at a funeral. The cartoonish persona Wolf embodies on this album works perfectly as a guide through bouncy hooks and hilarious lines. However, by the end of the album, Wolf’s mask seems to crack and expose her struggles with growth and learning to be a person. This album leaves you laughing at all your embarrassing mistakes while chanting lines like “High labido, cheat on chester, fuck the fritos, sexy villain.”

Rating: 4/5

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