Abhi vs The Universe Review

By Brendon Garden

Abhi the Nomad started off September out on the right foot with the release of his latest album, Abhi vs The Universe, on September 1st. This album seems to mark a greater focus on his funk influences than any of his other albums, especially his debut album, Where Are My Friends, which was a more rock influenced effort.

The latest album presents a video game theme stretching from the name of the album to the first song on the album, “Extra Life.” In true Abhi the Nomad fashion, each song features a lot of guitar paired with both rapping and singing. Unlike his other albums, there are significantly funkier bass lines that are significantly more prominent in his newest music, especially in songs like “Wasted,” featuring Harrison Sands, and “Critical,” featuring Cards.

Prior to the release of Abhi vs The Universe, Abhi released “Bag,” featuring Charlie Curtis-Beard, and “Close To You” as singles, both of which happen to be my favorite songs on the album. Both of these songs highlight the musical and stylistic range of an artist like Abhi the Nomad while still remaining funky, fresh, and cool.

After all of this raving over Abhi vs The Universe, one would think that I would give this album a 5/5 but I think I have to give it a 4/5 instead. Although the album is practically a masterpiece, the biggest issue lies with the lyrics. There’s nothing wrong with his rapping or singing (in fact I actually love both); the issue is with the content of the lyrics. They aren’t necessarily bad but it’s kind of predictable and somewhat similar across the songs on the album. Still quite a solid album and I would highly recommend you give it a listen.

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