Pumpkin Spice, The Red Album, and Phoebe Bridgers

By Maddie O’Brien

It’s hot girl fall and Phoebe Bridgers is playing through my air pods yet again. As the humidity in New York City fades and the leaves start to change, my urge to wear a turtleneck has never been stronger. What pairs best with a pumpkin spice latte? Taylor Swift’s critically acclaimed Red album. Nothing is more 2021 autumn than the highly anticipated feature of Phoebe Bridgers on “Nothing New” by Taylor Swift. If you have been sleeping under a rock (or maybe I just spend too much time watching Swiftie Easter egg TikToks) Taylor swift has been re-recording her albums so that she can own her art, and in the process, she’s been adding tracks “from the vault”. One of those tracks happens to feature the queen of seasonal depression, Phoebe Bridgers. As I’m writing this article, Ms. Swift has been scheming. She always has tricks up her sleeve and her fans never quite know what she’s planning, but she has moved the release date of red up a week from the original release date of November 19th to a November 12th release. Could this possibly be due to her surprise drop of “Wildest Dreams” on September 17th? Will we get to listen to “Bad Blood” for the first time again sooner than we expected? I’ve been on the edge of my seat since she announced the Red re-recording release date on June 18th, which also happens to be Scooter Braun’s birthday. Braun is Swift’s enemy and the whole reason she has decided to re-record his music. In the sale of her original record label ‘Big Machine’ her previous label executive, Scott Borchetta sold her masters to music mob boss Scott Braun (aka Justin Bieber’s manager.) Although the situation is very unfortunate, I’m excited for Taylor to own her music. I almost must confess, listening to her re-recorded music with her mature voice makes it feel like the first time again, and the from the vault tracks to complete the stories of her albums. The new features, such as Phoebe Bridgers, are also pretty sweet.

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