Greta Van Zeplin?

By Eva Patenaude

Quite possibly, you may have seen videos of Greta Van Fleet (specifically their 5’6 front man) recently circulating around your TikTok For You Page. I unfortunately can’t claim to have been a huge fan before their rise to social media fame, though I frequently took a look a of their few songs.

Greta Van Fleet started as a small high-school garage band of three brothers and a friend in the tiny town of Frankenmuth, Missouri. With Sam Kiska on the bass, Jake Kiska on the guitar, Josh Kiska on vocals, and Danny Wagner, their childhood friend on the drums. Since they’ve become a new unstoppable face for the classic rock music scene.

They don’t come without their fair share of criticisms. Many times, people have come after the band, saying that they’re unoriginal and have copied their sound from Led Zeppelin. In my opinion, the comparison between the two is understandable but bogus after the release of their most recent album Battle at Garden’s Gate. Their breakout album From the Fires does show parallels to Led Zeppelin, with guitar riffs and existential lyrics that are similar to the distinctive sound of the 70’s. Mainly Josh Kiska has come under fire for his voice, which is eerily similar to that of Robert Plant. I think now they’ve found their way to a unique sound and have mentioned that they never try to replicate anyone, they just play what they want and like.

With that being said, Greta Van Fleet draws in listeners of all walks of life. Older generations flock to their shows to feel the nostalgia of their earlier years, whereas younger generations have fallen in love with the pure creativity and movement of their rockin’ songs, not to mention Sam Kiska’s luscious long hair. Their funky costumes and heavy stage presence make their shows almost cinematic as they host stadiums filled with starry eyes and folks who appreciate the talent and precision of rock n roll musicians. The band’s overall talent and love for music is extremely apparent, especially since they’re on tour for the first time after covid, promoting their new album.

To start out your Greta Van Fleet experience, try “Highway Tune” from their first album From the Fires. This gives a look into the Led Zeppelin replication complaints and I think this is the closest they sound to Plant, Bonham, Page, and JPJ. From there, look into “Anthem” off of Anthem of the Peaceful Army. Lastly, finish off with “Light my Love” from Battle at Gardens Gate, a personal favorite of mine. If you’re feeling friskier, take the leap to “Weight of Dreams,” also from their most recent album and my #1 favorite GVF song. Happy listening!

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