Berries and Cream: The Latest Hot Trend on TikTok

By Sarah Raubenheimer

Staff TikTok Analyst

Berries and cream…berries and cream…I’m a little lad who loves berries and cream. The newest and hottest trend on TikTok is Berries and Cream TikTok. The original berries and cream jingle came from a 2007 Starburst commercial advertising Berries and Cream Starbursts. The commercial depicts two guys outside on a bench. The first guy asks the second guy if he has tried the new berries and cream Starbursts yet. Suddenly a British man dressed like a pilgrim with the harshest bowl cut I have ever seen appears. He asks the two boys what kind of Starburst they are talking about. Before the boy can finish saying berries and…the British man interrupts with “and cream?” Then he proceeds to sing his little song and do his little dance.

Who is the little lad? Their name is Jack Ferver (they/them pronouns). They were born in 1979 in Wisconsin. Their website ( describes them as a “New York based writer, choreographer, and director.” They are also professors at Bard College. The New Yorker  described their performances as, “so extreme that they sometimes look and feel like exorcisms.” Their works have been at the New Museum, the Kitchen, the French Institute Alliance Francaise, and the Museum of Art and Design among others. They apparently used to hate the commercial. I mean I would not want to be the Berries and Cream Lad either would you? They hated when their students brought it up to them and it is not mentioned on their website at all, but as of September third they have begun to fully embarrass and capitalize on berries and cream. Their first TikTok is a video of Ferver saying, “Well hello TikTok are you ready for berries and cream” and followed by an obnoxious laugh. Their YouTube and Tik Tok is @thereallittlelad.  Ferver has even done a Tik Tok with Catfish’s Nev Schulman which has only gained them exposure. 

The sound was first uploaded by Justin McElory on January 5 with a video of the berries and cream lad doing the berries and cream dance, but it would be months before the sound got really popular. The sound started to take off in August when people started making Tik Toks about bad haircuts that made them look like the berries and cream lad. Then people started to make Tik Toks doing the little lad dance. The most popular Tik Tok under the sound is of Willy Wonka impersonator (Duke) doing the berries and cream dance. 

There is even a tutorial for the little lad dance in which the little lad gives step-by-step instructions on how to do his iconic dance. First you run in place. Then you clap your hands. Next you touch your left heel with your right hand then your right heel with your left hand repeating this a couple of times. Finally you gester to yourself when the lad says berries and cream! He finishes the narration by saying the viewer looks wonderful and asks the viewer to sing along. 

What has really made the berries and cream trend take off is the remixes that it has spawned. One of the most popular being an audio that says, “You walk out the door and you see someone that you know and they ask you how you are and you just have to say that your a little lad and you’re not really little lad and you just can’t get berries and cream cause they would never understand.” This audio has been used by the likes of noahbeck and katiefeeney. Other public figures who have participated in the trend are rhett and link, noahglenncarter, lizzo, alan bersten, and rjthecomposer. This audio produced another trend where you do a little hop when the audio says little lad and a foot tap when it says berries and cream. 

My personal favorite berries and cream audio is to the song Welcome To The Black Parade. It is to the tune of the My Chemical Romance song and goes, “When I was a little lad mommy made me do the little lad dance if I want berries and cream.” People claim that only “very mentally ill” people have that sound on their for you page, but I disagree. I am just a lover of berries and cream and alternative music. 

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