Any Shape You Take Review

By Jack Ramos

Indigo De Souza’s second album Any Shape You Take, embodies the idea of self discovery in the most honest way. Through her intricate blend of grunge and hi-pop music, she’s able to take her listener’s down an ever changing but endlessly enjoyable sonic path

The album opens with “17”, which introduces listeners to delicately auto-tuned melodic chorus hooks, placed over.

oothing electric organs. The album then moves into rougher textures with songs like “Darker than Death” and “Die/Cry”. These songs present a more normative approach to grunge indie rock aesthetics, but still manage to absolutely nail the pain of losing friends and lovers perfectly. The album then moves into some of the strongest song writing present on the project with “Pretty Pictures” and “Real Pain”. Indigo’s mastery of vocal control along with her outstanding lyrics leave you feeling emotionally dissected and wanting more. “Real Pain” shows Indigo at her most chaotic, seemingly leaving the listener in a swirling mess of screams and howls, before seamlessly breaking into a beautiful indie pop melody.

The tracks on this album create a unified feeling of longing for something you’re not quite sure why you miss. The album takes a close introspective look at all of the emotions that come along with first loves, heartaches, self discovery, and regret. The high point on the album comes at the end of the album with the songs “Hold U” and “Kill me”. “Hold U” lays down a beautiful grooveable melody with lyrics that make you feel like you’re reminiscing about an iridescent night out with friends while you’re on the train back home. Finally the last song on the album, “Kill me” begins with a simple guitar riff that slowly builds to a crescendo of emotion-packed lyrics over wailing distorted guitars. If you like feeling emotionally spent while still wanting to scream and dance give this album a listen.

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