The Seven Stages of Grief as Told by Kanye West

By Sara Sester

Oh, Kanye. I’m not going to delve into his political failures or marital issues (that’s for another time), for now, let’s just unpack his trauma. As most people know by now, Kanye’s mother Donda died after a plastic surgery operation, a surgery he purchased for her; I never thought I would feel sorry for Kanye, but here we are. Whether he planned it or not, Kanye’s next seven albums after her death in 2007 almost perfectly line up with the seven stages of grief

-Shock – 808s and Heartbreaks: The whole album revolves around heartache and shows him trying to process what happened.

-Denial – My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy: As the name suggests, Kanye is losing himself in this fantasy to ignore the death of his mother all together. A cut song from the album features Kanye talking about his mother in the present tense, further showing the denial he was in.

-Anger – Yeezus: This one doesn’t require much explanation. Listen to “Black Skinhead” and you’ll know what I mean.

-Bargaining – The Life of Pablo: This one is a little out there, but he’s wrestling between two ways of life with little sense of direction (see: “I Love Kanye”).

– Depression – Ye: Again – no explanation needed. All depressed people know how hard “Ghost Town” hits.

-Testing – Jesus is King: A stark contrast from his past way of life, Kanye has recently devoted himself entirely to faith. He’s moved on from the ‘bad’ parts of grief and is finally working towards bettering himself.

-Acceptance – Donda: If you couldn’t already tell from the title, Donda is Kanye’s ‘moving on’ album. He’s finally able to accept what has happened and live his life without the burden he felt.

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