Unpacking the Josh/Jaden/Mads/Nessa Drama: The girls are fighting!!!!!!!!!!

By Taylor Mascetta

Opinions Editor

I never thought I’d be so captivated with the TikToker community’s middle school-esque drama, but here we are. 

Just last week, the TikTok community practically burst into flames when Mads Lewis, 18, uploaded and quickly deleted a TikTok allegedly exposing her boyfriend, Jaden Hossler, for cheating on her. In the clip, she showed pictures of her and Hossler, 18, happily together before showing images of him getting too close for comfort with fellow TikTok star Nessa Barrett with Taylor Swift’s “Better than Revenge” blaring in the background. Lewis initially claimed the video was a joke and took it down but tea page “tiktokinsiders” quickly re-uploaded it. From there, chaos ensued. 

To quickly provide context, Lewis and Hoessler have dated on and off since September 2019. Hossler, specifically, is both a TikToker and an accomplished singer, with hits such as “Angels and Demons.” Just this month, he collaborated with Barrett, 18, for their punk-pop single “la di die,” and that seems to be where the problems originated. The pair grew very close very quickly and even appeared on the Tonight Show and Ellen together. 

To make things more interesting, Barrett and Lewis also used to be best friends. AND! To make things EVEN worse, both Lewis and Hossler are/were? (who even knows at this point) best friends with Barrett’s on and off again boyfriend, Josh Richards. Sheesh!

Social media quickly deemed Lewis as the villain in the situation, and Richards, 18, initially threw the blame on her. On his Barstool podcast “BFFs,” Richards expressed his disappointment in her to Dave Portney. “It was obviously not a trustworthy relationship or it was toxic if your boyfriend can’t do a song with their best friend’s girl.” He said. “Mads is tripping her f***ing d**k off. This is like, ‘I got my life affected so I’m gonna affect other peoples’ life.’ And it just doesn’t make sense.”  Richards also reaffirmed his love for Barrett despite their recent breakup and believed that Hossler would never make a move in respect to him.

Well, “Sway Boys” have a tendency to swoop in and steal their friends’ significant others. (Remember the Griffin Johnson/Dixie D’Amelio/Noah Beck triangle?) Just a few days later, paparazzi spotted Hossler and Barrett out on a dinner date, cuddling publicly. The pair even got matching tattoos the next day. Hossler basically admitted that the two made things official, saying they’re the “happiest they’ve ever been.” …After about a week of dating. This revelation understandably crushed Richards, who immediately blocked Hossler on all social media platforms. He decided to handle things privately and thinks the situation never should’ve been publicized. 

Lewis, on the other hand, recruited Barstool’s resident founding father, Alex Cooper of “Call Her Daddy,” to give her side of the story. Hossler revealed to Lewis that he developed feelings for Barrett the morning of the podcast, so Lewis did not hold back. She explained that she always had a gut feeling about Hossler and Barrett, and her feelings were confirmed when she discovered messages between Hossler and his manager on his iPad. In them, Hossler’s manager pushed for him to dump Lewis in favor of Barrett, saying “The feelings are mutual between you and Nessa. You just have to make sure you’re not with Mads…You just have to break up with her…Hopefully, you guys can pursue what you already started.”

. The pair broke up soon afterward, yet cited irreconcilable differences and unhappiness as the primary reasons rather than Barrett herself. Lewis regrets posting that infamous video, saying that it came out of a place of hurt and she wishes she took Richards’ feelings into account. However, she no longer accepts accusations of her “craziness,” mainly because her intuition was right the whole time. 

See, this is why I stay on the “Alt” Side of TikTok. Team Mads all the way, though.

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