the paper Legend Tells Us About His Time on the Staff

by Zahir Quader

When I think about my time in college my mind jumps to many things, staying up until 2 am on a Thursday night talking about the best strategy to combat an alien invasion, having a snow war on Eddie’s after a blizzard, or simply seeing a cool bird during an afternoon walk. The college has shaped me into the person I am today in more ways than I can count. But, one place that has left one of the most significant impacts on my life would be the paper.

Initially joining so that I would get out of my dorm a bit more as well as trick people into thinking I know what I am talking about, the paper became so much more to me.  It was meeting so many cool upperclassmen who helped guide me through many moments of my college experience to underclassmen such as the current badass editing team who offer fresh takes that us old people could never think of. My life is absolutely better for knowing all of them. What I especially appreciate is their indulgence of some of my more wacky ideas.

From the time a fried chicken mascot made me question my sexuality, fanboying about the latest serial killer drama I was watching, or even just a rant about MAGA Fortnite, I have gone down the rabbit hole more times than I can count and the paper has given me the opportunity to red pill so many of my peers into the madness that is my brain. It’s not just about the wackiness that made the paper memorable for me but also all the people that have flown in through the doors.

Both in the years before my time, now, and what I expect the years that follow, I have met so many people that have left a lasting impact on my life in some way or another. Be it some good life advice, random musical numbers breaking out within the editing room, or god knows what Charles Entertainment Cheese was up to that day. the paper gave me a place to belong in a time when I didn’t have many people to talk to.Joining the paper was one of the first times I felt I really belonged, and it made me want to replicate that sense of belonging not only there but, anywhere else where I could make people feel less alone. In the end, all I can really say is simply, Thanks Pape fam, you were a way better choice than the Ram. ;P

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