First Impression of Roadrunner: New Light New Machine by Brockhampton

By Sebastian Guccione

Earlier this month, Brockhampton released their sixth studio album. In my opinion, it is the boy band’s best album yet production-wise. My favorite song off the album is “What’s the Occasion,” where I was surprised to hear that the hook, which JOBA sang, really reminded me of the Beatles, specifically something off of Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, like “A Day In the Life.” The vocals in the song also reminded me of Kevin Abstract’s closing verse in “Bleach” off of their third studio album, which I definitely enjoyed since I think that “Bleach” is one of their very best songs. 

JOBA definitely shined and was at the forefront of this album far more than he was in past albums. A lot of his contributions can be heard distinctly, and he also was the focal point of a two-part song, “The Light,” and “The Light PT. II,” in which he shared the heavy topic of his father’s suicide. The album also brought back a solo track by Bearface, something that we saw in their Saturation trilogy. His solo track was gospel-inspired, and while it wasn’t my cup of tea musically, especially compared to some of Bearface’s past solo tracks, it was heartwarming to hear the song with the knowledge that it was Bearface praying for JOBA.

Another great moment in the album is the song “Windows ft. SOGONE SOFLEXY.” It is a long song in which every prominent vocalist in the group has a verse. I was glad to see one song like this, because I felt as though it allowed the group to experiment with contributing to the album in different ways that use members of the group disproportionately, all while retaining their identity as a boy band.  

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