Former the paper Executive Editor Quotes a Poet

by Andrew Millman

I didn’t come to Fordham with the intention of joining the quote-unquote “alternative” free speech publications on campus. I didn’t even know I wanted to join a campus paper at all, but I found the paper, like many of you, at the club fair, completely by chance. I saw The Ram first and, no shade to them, but their whole deal seemed way too intense for me (later confirmed by the weekly all-nighters friends have told me about; good for them, though), so instead I went with the much more relaxed-seeming alt paper. Maybe those editors from my year were a bit too relaxed and definitely spent way more hours in the print shop than necessary, but that’s part of the joy of the paper. Finding not only your voice but people who are also people you want to spend several weekends a semester with in a confined space in the basement of McGinley with no natural light, a certain distinct smell you can’t quite place, suspiciously sticky surfaces, and equipment that never quite works completely.

Now, though, I’m joining those past editors as a deaditor myself. While at the paper, I’ve been able to edit the news and opinions sections and then serve as executive editor (an admittedly nonsense position), so I think I can speak with some authority in giving advice to the next generation of paper peeps. Write about what you care about and put your passion into it. You could be writing about the most niche or silly thing in the world, but if you show how much and why you care about that thing, other people will read it and be entertained (or informed, or whatever other lofty goal you aspire to). That, to me, is what makes the paper special and an essential part of campus life. We’ll let you publish anything (and we do mean anything). It’s up to you to make it interesting. I hope I’ve helped keep the paper interesting during my time here and I wish the new editors luck in keeping it interesting going forward.For my last words in this hallowed publication, I’ll leave you with this, a few words from a great poet: “You can change your hair and you can change your clothes. You can change your mind, that’s just the way it goes. You can say “goodbye,” and you can say “hello,” but you’ll always find your way back home.”

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