4 Years, Many Stories: Reflecting on my Time as a Paper Pal

by Christian Decker, Former Editor-in-Chief

It was my second or third day of classes at Fordham when I went to the club fair outside on Eddies to see what the latter half of my days at school would consist of. It was here that I first heard Rachel Poe, a former editor, yelling “Do you like talking shit?” From that moment forward I enjoyed the paper seeking to understand the insanity of the campus’ only free speech paper. Rising from a normal contributor to an editor in my freshman year was somewhat jarring, but despite it all I enjoyed working with so many great people over the years.

I guess I should start by saying thank you to all the editors and editors-in-chief that came before me, while I was on staff, Claire, Colleen, Meredith, Jack, all of you (and sorry for not listing out everyone) helped me to be a better writer, a better editor, and sometimes a better person. One of the best parts of working on the paper was hanging out with you all, I had fun at the parties and the production weekends where we made great issues and did our fair share of goofing off. I hope that the paper now makes you proud.

I would also like to add how immensely proud I am of the current editing staff as well as the staff from when Suresh and I were editors-in-chief. You guys put so much hard work into the paper, despite the pandemic. You are all great people and I know you will go far in life. Thank you for being great and making my job easy. Noah, Angelina, and Ashley, I rest easy knowing the paper is safe in your extremely capable hands.         To finish, I want to stress that as a free speech paper, one of things I learned, despite all the satire and jokes, is to not shy away from the truth. In the world we inhabit now, nothing to me is more important than to speak truth to power. I think we could use some of that now, in an era where your party affiliation determines whether people think you are right or wrong for doing the exact same things. I hope that I spoke truth to power. And I hope the paper continues to do so.

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