How the *Virtual* Golden Globes 2021 Turned Out!

By Julia Tuck

Features & Lists Editor

Every year there are surprises and disappointments when it comes to awards being given at the Academy Awards… oh wait we’re not talking about the Oscars but these awards regarding American television are just about up there! The 78th Golden Globes of 2021 were hosted by Amy Poehler and Tina Fey who were quite literally states apart, and by that, I mean coasts apart. Poehler and Fey used a virtual Zoom teleconference set up to host the awards show with Poehler in California and Fey in New York. 

The awards went on largely as expected but some forefront runners swept up a lot of awards in their categories. For best Drama Picture there was “Nomadland” and best musical/comedy “Borat Subsequent Movie Film.” The win for Sacha Baron Cohen on his pandemic inspired parody portrayed a real win for the realm of mockumentaries. This creative spin on comedy not only pokes fun at the problems in America but boasts elements of truth in a comical light. I am confident that soon Borat Sagdiyev will be the popular spokesman all of America will be listening to. There were also quite some wins for the tv series known as “Schitt’s Creek” with Catherine O’Hara accepting the award for this outstanding show created by the Levys (father and son). The show is a perfect rendition of alternative comedy centered around a family who went from riches to rags… yes, the opposite of the well-known Horatio Alger story you are thinking of at this very moment. Additionally, there were some individual successes such as with Chadwick Boseman being posthumously awarded with best actor in a Motion Drama Picture and Rosamund Pike for best actress in a musical/comedy. The results portrayed major successes for these individuals and they walked away with their golden globe victories and new titles. Perhaps the most uncanny part about these awards, however, was the fact that they were completed almost entirely virtual, which was obviously necessary given the state of the pandemic. The slight glitches in the screens between the hosts, which were apparent from time to time, did distract a bit from the nominees, but the humor of the hosts kept the audience in good spirits. Also, considering the hosts were quite literally thousands of miles apart from one another, the screens did make it seem as if Poehler and Fey were right next to each other and the way they spoke did have harmony. The show being put together the way it was must have been difficult, but it was overall quite interesting considering the unique situations due to the pandemic crisis. I believe that this show was put together as well as possible given the circumstances but I hope that this pandemic ends soon! The show this year definitely showed the extent to which Hollywood idols can go to get creative lengths and keep the show going, and for that, it is much appreciated. For the time being, it seems we can look forward to more shows by these tv aficionados if we all find ourselves in another long lasting lockdown, stranded in our rooms, TV plugged and popcorn in hand. Well, that’s about it for now on the topic of these Golden Globes… host has ended the meeting.

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