The Iced Brown Sugar Oatmilk Shaken Espresso is Worth the Hype!

(Press F to pay respects to the Chocolate Almond Milk version…)

By Taylor Mascetta, Opinions Editor (and resident Coffee Addict)

After an unfortunate run-in with our dear friend Ms. Rona, I found myself isolated in Finlay Hall for the first two weeks of March. While I did somewhat enjoy my temporary stay in my lovely loft, there was one thing that had me feeling as though the walls were closing in. 

Of course, the one time I legitimately could not storm the premises with excitement, Starbucks decided to start offering Oatly oat milk at all of their locations. They also added a new drink, the Iced Brown Sugar Oatmilk Shaken Espresso, to its lineup.  (Starbucks also released a Chocolate Almondmilk Shaken Espresso as well, but everyone kind of overlooked it. Oat milk is just too exciting, I guess.)

The new drink immediately made waves all across social media. First off, everyone has begged Starbucks for ages to add oat milk to the menu, so it was a very exciting moment when they finally did. Maybe that glorious Oatly Super Bowl ad convinced Starbucks to finally offer it. 

As for the new addition to the menu, Starbucks describes it as its signature Blonde espresso combined with brown sugar and cinnamon syrups. After shaking the three ingredients together, baristas top the espresso with oat milk and ice.

Even COVID couldn’t stop me from getting my hands on some new Starbucks treats. By the grace of God, one of my friends left a venti shaken espresso right outside my door as a surprise about midway through my stay. I felt ecstatic. It was the most exciting thing that happened to me that entire week, so naturally, I captured a video of my reaction. 

I took the first sip. My eyes widened. My mouth dropped open. Within seconds, the drink was finished. To put it simply… This. Slaps. 

The espresso hits you like a truck, and that’s exactly what we all need in the midst of midterms season. For reference, the tall (small) includes two shots of espresso, the grande (medium) three shots, and the venti (large) four shots. A grande literally contains 255 milligrams of caffeine… Talk about a pick me up! 

The high amount of espresso does lower the sweetness of the drink, so if you enjoy your lattes with six pumps of caramel and a mountain of whipped cream, this may not be your cup of tea. That being said, the drink still contains a light sweetness to it, thanks to the creaminess of the oat milk, but the sugar doesn’t overpower the coffee taste. You can fully taste the espresso without it tasting too bitter, and it’s delightful. 

Now, onto the Oatly. Whoever dreamed of combining oat milk with brown sugar deserves a raise from Starbucks right now. They work together perfectly, and the cinnamon adds an additional dimension of flavor. Who would’ve thought that oats would taste so good in coffee? 

The one downside to the drink is the price point. The grande shaken espresso costs a whopping $5.45 plus tax. That’s a little steep compared to other drinks available on the menu. Thankfully, I haven’t spent nearly as much DCB this semester as I normally do, so my wallet isn’t suffering at the moment. 

For the final verdict, I rate this drink a solid 5/5 stars. It may come at a high cost, but the taste makes it worth it. Now, I have a message for Fordham – PLEASE ADD THIS TO THE GRUBHUB MENU. IT’S STILL NOT AVAILABLE TO ORDER FROM THERE BUT SOMEHOW THE PUMPKIN SPICED LATTE IS. THANK YOU. 

(In case you were wondering, I did try the Chocolate Almondmilk Shaken Espresso. It’s a chocolate overload but very bitter. Also, it’s somehow even more expensive – I’m pretty sure I paid $5.95… for a GRANDE! Preposterous. Sorry, almond milk, but you taste better with matcha. End of story. 3/5.)

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