Rakmo Reviews Part 1: Trouble on Tatooine LEGO Set 75299

By Omkar Ratnaparkhi

News Editor

If you’re a fan of The Mandalorian or a fan of LEGO Star Wars, then this set is a must have! Despite being a relatively small set (276 pieces), it has many intricate details, and the minifigures are of great value (yes, the Baby Yoda minifigure is in this set). The cost of the set is $29.99, and I believe that it’s worth every cent. In fact, I even bought two so I could gift one to my roommate.

The set focuses on the Season 2, “Chapter 9: The Marshal.” In the episode, Din Djarin (better known as Mando) and Grogu (better known as Baby Yoda or The Child), search for fellow Mandalorians in order to find a Jedi that will train Grogu. However, Mando and Grogu stumble upon a fake Mandalorian named Cobb Vanth. Mando is insulted that the marshall of a mining settlement would disgrace Mandalorian armor by wearing it and threatens to kill him. Fortunately, Mando and Cobb Vanth strike a deal. Mando will help kill the Krayt Dragon, a monster that has been killing people and Banthas (a livestock animal), and Cobb Vanth will give Mando back his armor. Later, Mando convinces Vanth and the people of the mining colony that in order to kill the dragon, they need to ally with their sworn enemies: Tusken Raiders (also known as Sand People).

The three main components of the set relate to the killing of the Krayt Dragon and interaction with the Tusken Raiders: Mando’s speeder bike, the Tusken Raider tent, and the Tusken Raider harpoon launcher. 

Mando’s Speeder Bike

This LEGO set comes in three building bags, and the first bag is Mando’s speeder bike and the Baby Yoda and Mando minifigures. Despite only being 5in. X 1.5 in., the speeder bike is quite detailed. The bike represents the standard speeder bikes that Star Wars fans see various characters using (including the horrible Scout Troopers who punched Baby Yoda). Despite characters from Mando to Scout Troopers all using speeder bikes, this speeder bike has some additional key details. The bike includes a slot on each side for Mando’s repeating blaster and a small pack with supplies for traveling. Most importantly, on the other side of the pack is a small bag that Baby Yoda rides in. I remember when the screenshots were released for the new season, the cutest screenshot by far was the one showing Baby Yoda in a little bag on the side of the bike. Now you can recreate the cuteness by building this set and putting a less than one inch tall Baby Yoda minifigure into a tiny LEGO pouch!

Tusken Raider Tent

The second bag of the set is for the Tusken Raider tent and minifigure. The tent includes a small campfire attachment and a pot for food. The best part of this tent is its modularity. The tent has roof panels that slant inwards and provide shade for the people within it but can also be pushed up to open the tent up. Also, the tent can be completely opened up to provide an overhang type of setup that allows the viewer to easily look into the tent. Finally, the campfire portion of the tent completes the modular aspect of the tent. The campfire can be detached so the tent can be attached to different objects that are not from this set.

Tusken Raider Harpoon Launcher

In season 2 episode 1, the Tusken Raiders construct a harpoon launcher in order to attach hooks for dragging out the Krayt Dragon from its cave. The third bag of this set was LEGO’s rendition of the harpoon launcher. The harpoon launcher has been recreated by LEGO, and although its scaling is a bit off (I think it’s a bit too long compared to the Tusken Raider minifigure), the detailing is pretty spot on to the launcher they used in the show. If you care about the playability of the set, then this part of the set is for you, because you can actually launch harpoons from the harpoon launcher! LEGO has spring loaded darts that come in this set and can be launched from the harpoon launcher.

Minifigures: The Child, The Mandalorian, and Tusken Raider

The minifigure game is strong with this one! Although the Baby Yoda minifigure is now featured in three different LEGO sets, this set is the cheapest way to acquire him. The two other sets that you can buy him in are $79.95 and $129.99 respectively. The Tusken Raider has an interesting head mold, but he’s a pretty common minifigure and has been seen in various sets. The Mandalorian minifigure is the reason that this set is so coveted and has become the target of many scalpers trying to resell this set for exorbitant prices. The reason the minifigure is so coveted is because of the detailed body printing and rarity. LEGO accidentally kept Mando’s beat up damaged armor in the printing in previous sets (it made no sense given he got new armor in later episodes), but in this one they updated the armor to shiny beskar armor. The armor also features the mudhorn signet on one arm and other key details, such as the controls for Mando’s jetpack. The only downsides to the minifigures are that Mando doesn’t have a jetpack or jetpack print and that Cobb Vanth’s minifigure is missing from the set completely. However, not having Cobb Vanth is probably good, since LEGO would’ve probably hiked the price of the set $5-$10. Thankfully, the scalping problem I mentioned earlier is mostly gone, and the set is in stock on Amazon and LEGO.com, so make sure to pick it up before LEGO moves on and discontinues it!

In the next issue of the paper, I’ll be discussing a shirt that drastically increases your gains at the gym.

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