“Daywalker” Review

By Ashley Wright

Staff E-Girl

Almost anyone who has been on Twitter lately has heard of Corpse Husband—he is a faceless YouTuber known for his rapidly growing internet presence and die-hard fans that tend to take over the Twitter trending page. While a lot of people have heard of Corpse before or have come across some of his content online, what many people don’t know is that he also makes music. The majority of his songs have been small self-produced releases (though his more popular songs like “E-Girls are Ruining My Life” has reached over 100 million streams on Spotify), so it was pretty exciting when it was announced that he would be releasing a collab with mainstream artist Machine Gun Kelly. The song is called “Daywalker,” and it was teased online a few days before being released on March 12. Despite being released just over a week ago, the song is already a massive success, topping the alternative charts on both Spotify and Apple Music. The duo also released the song’s official music video a week after “Daywalker” and got over 4 million views in just the first day. While their music style may not be for everyone, this song really shows off the style and strengths of both artists. Both artists have talked about their inspirations behind the song, with MGK saying how it’s a song about your “bad conscience telling you to unlearn any positive change,” and the fast-paced tempo and awesome “whisper raps” result in a really cool final product. The song itself is amazing, but it is also cool to see how small independent artists can make a difference in the music industry and collab with big names in ways that are unexpected but are driven by their love of music and not any fame/monetary motives. 

Rating: 5/5

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