My Favorite Political “Himbos”

By Hope Guzzle

Staff Politician

The concept of the himbo has to be one of my absolute favorite finds of 2020. For those of you who are not aware, a “himbo” is the male equivalent of a bimbo and is mainly defined as a hot, dumb, well-meaning man. If you are struggling to think of any I recommend looking up any role that Chris Hemsworth has ever played. This trope has become increasingly popular with both women and many in the LGBTQ+ community as they are often portrayed as men who do not need to use their traditional masculinity to oppress others’ voices and are okay with simply not being the smartest person in a room. As I have thought about this trait more, I noticed that there is one arena where we can see a substantial amount of himbos: politics. Yes, many of our favorite politicians are the very definition of a himbo. So in the spirit of that, I have decided to look at three of the most iconic political himbos of our modern era. 

  1. Justin Trudeau

For our first contender we have the Prime Minister of our neighbors to the north. Yes, the political himbo is not an exclusively American concept. Trudeau can most often be seen being described as handsome, charming, and good looking. To be blunt, I have never heard someone comment on this Prime Minister’s intelligence, but they sure do enjoy talking about his beautiful hair and stunning eyes. From his stints with Blackface and Brownface to trying to pass off a costume as traditional clothing on a trip to India, it doesn’t take a genius to know that none of these racially insensitive incidents would look too great politically. Yeah, good thing he’s pretty and rich.

  1. Gavin Newsom

Number two on this list is the current governor of beautiful, sunny California. At first,

Governor Newsom seemed a prospective presidential nominee for the Democrats in 2024 or 2028. However the shit hit the fan in 2020 and 2021 with his abhorrent  handling of the Covid-19 pandemic. It wasn’t so much the rules and regulations that he set in place, though he did face criticism for that, as much as it was the fact that he did not listen to said rules. People do not take kindly to seeing their governor dine indoors at a ridiculously expensive restaurant when they are not allowed to step foot into one. This himbo’s decision has caused him to become a joke within his own party and looks to have ruined his future political prospects. I don’t think most politicians would have been quite as cavalier with that decision but boy did he look good doing it. 

  1. Joe Biden

And finally we can now look to the granddaddy of all political himbos, President Joe Biden. Yes, even those who hold the highest office in the United States can still be himbos. From regular gaffes to rambling stories to incorrect facts, Joe frequently seems to have a slight disconnection from reality. This can be an issue, but have you seen a picture of him when he was young? He was hot as shit. This one sometimes worries me a bit, given that he is the current president, but I do like to remind myself that Kamala is backing him up. That makes me feel a lot better.

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