“Come On Home” Review

By Nora Hogan

Feeling depressed? I know I am! A global pandemic AND seasonal affective disorder? That’s a tall order for any chemically balanced brain mass, let alone an unbalanced one. Whether you’re unbalanced or not, listening to “Come on Home” by the Lijadu Sisters takes the edge off the daily experience of our current reality.

The song’s bouncy bass and drum lines whisk you away from 2021 to a tree-lined dirt path somewhere hot. Suddenly, out of the bright blue sky comes a pair of voices accompanied by a piano melody that sounds like it’s being keyed by Fozzy Bear the muppet himself. For five minutes and seventeen seconds, you’re groovin’ and movin’ the Africana beat until the song ends and you’re planted back into the fresh hell that is today.

Frankly, I have no idea what the lyrics mean. Regardless, the Lijadu Sisters certainly know how to put a few words together to create a musical masterpiece. It’s sung in some African language, but there are a few English words added here and there, most notably “please.”

Although I could speak about the song’s positive effects for days, I think Ned Flanders in his YouTube comment on the song’s lyric video said it best: “If I’m ever inches away from death, counting my last breaths, play me this song, and I will arise a new man with full life because of this bass riff.” Basically, “Come on Home” is an elixir of youth, happiness, and everlasting life. However, don’t just take my word for it, listen to the song yourself and get serotonin shipped directly to your brain.

I highly encourage you to insert your headphones of choice into your cellular device and have a lil’ silent disco moment to “Come on Home” ASAP. I’ll see you on that dirt path soon!  

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