The DIG serves up noteworthy good eats

by Alex Schandlbauer

NYC is known for its over-the-top food places, no doubt. If you’ve ever watched a “50 of the (blank)est Foods You Have to Try Before You Die!,” you’ll be treated to a bunch of too big, too expensive, and too weird dishes, half of which are from Fordham’s home city.

Dig (formerly known as Dig Inn) is proof that you don’t need to be the biggest, craziest, or weirdest to stand out as a solid food option. Quickly becoming one of my favorite fast-casual restaurants of all time, Dig has a variety of options that vary by season but still manages to be consistently amazing no matter what you get.

Imagine going to Chipotle and ordering just rice and tomatoes. It’s food, but it’d be kind of weird to go to that kind of place and stick with two bland options rather than load up on everything you want just because you can. A big way Dig is different from other places is that every dish is like an entree, so you don’t need to load up like most places. If you’re not super picky, a random number generator could literally pick your Dig order, and you’d probably be happy.

In a related way, every ingredient you can get in a bowl, even down to the rice, has at least two or three adjectives. Of course you’re still gonna say “lemme get rice” when you order it, but I sleep much better at night knowing that it’s officially called “Long grain brown rice, with thyme-infused olive oil, lime juice, and parsley.”

Another way Dig excels is in its seasonal menu. I won’t lie and say I know exactly what’s in season when, but I’m not going to question any season where Dig keeps roasted Thai brussels sprouts on the menu. There are some sides that are consistently there, like the garlic parmesan cauliflower, charred lemon broccoli, and the panko-crusted baked mac & cheese, but the seasonal sides are always something nice to try if they catch your eye. To get into the rating, I’ve been to Dig many times both before and after restrictions started, so I’ll factor that in too. 

Location: 5/5

 The location I frequent is a block from the nearest subway stop and around 7 blocks from LC – super accessible physically. The solid online ordering infrastructure also makes getting Dig whenever you want a sinch. (I don’t really have experience with delivery via Dig Inn, but the pick-up function has been flawless)

 Service: 4/5 

Sometimes you might be looking forward to a dish that they just ran out of, but apart from that, Dig has a pretty standard fast-casual experience service-wise. The employees are super nice and probably won’t give you weird looks for asking for extra dressing. 

Price: 4/5

Depending on what you get, a sizable bowl ranges from $9 (if you get vegetarian sides) to around $14 (for like fish/hangar steak/etc.), which is on par with places like it. I will say though, with the heartiness of the stuff you get, all the great dressing options, and the amount of food you get in a bowl, I’ve never felt I didn’t get my money’s worth at Dig. 

Taste: 5/5 

I have yet to have a bad meal here. If you go, try something you’re uncomfortable with or want to try for the first time. This is the place to do it. 

Send me feedback at if you have any questions, requests, or ways you’d want this done differently! Thanks for reading, and eat well. 🙂

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