It’s A Love Story, Thirteen Years Later

By Taylor Mascetta

At long last, Taylor Swift has started to gradually release her highly-anticipated re-recordings.

In case you need a refresher, Sc**ter B*aun took control over the rights of Taylor Swift’s first six albums after he purchased Big Machine Records in 2019. This sparked a massive conversation about artists’ rights to their own art. 

Soon after, Swift announced that she planned to re-record all of her old albums to regain control over her own catalog. The first re-recorded album will be 2008’s “Fearless.” It’s hinted to be released on April 9th. Until then, Swift’s fan base can enjoy the re-released single “Love Story.” 

The initial release of “Love Story” jumpstarted Swift’s career from country sweetheart to full-blown superstar. In 2021, an older, more experienced Swift returns to the track that started it all. When you listen to the two songs back-to-back, it truly is an emotional moment.

Both songs share the same runtime at three minutes and 55 seconds, and the lyrics remain the same. However, the new edition of “Love Story” shows how much Swift has grown since 2008. Her voice has clearly matured, giving the song a new degree of depth and warmth. This song is also truly “Taylor’s Version” as it does not include background vocals and allows Swift’s voice to truly shine. 

Listening to the song was a nostalgic affair. From the opening notes, “Taylor’s Version – Love Story” immediately transported me back to 2008, when seven-year-old me would run around my room pretending that I was a princess as the song blasted on my bright pink CD player.

All in all, Swift succeeds in her recreation of “Love Story” – it retains the magic of the original, while offering a small dose of something new.

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