The Wiggles”Elephant” Cover Review

By Angelina Zervos

Staff Child at Heart

Yeah, I was just as shocked as you probably were to read that title. Just when it seemed like the world couldn’t get any weirder, everyone’s favorite childhood band, The Wiggles, released a cover of Tame Impala’s “Elephant” that featured a special Wiggles’ twist for Australia radio station Like A Version. Although it sounds like a totally bizarre combination, the station usually invites musical guests onto the show to perform a cover of their choice as well as an original song. In an interview with Murray Wiggle and Emma Wiggle, they explained that they chose to cover “Elephant” because The Wiggles love animals (aww) and because they wanted to pay tribute to fellow Australian-born band Tame Impala. Even if you didn’t grow up watching The Wiggles Show! like myself and many Gen Z kids did, you’re probably still familiar with their most iconic song “Fruit Salad” (yummy yummy), and that was the song the band chose to incorporate into their version of their Tame Impala cover. 

I was definitely too caught up in the silly antics of The Wiggles Show! as a child to understand and appreciate the musical talent of The Wiggles’ members. I mean, they’re an actual band. Although the original cast members have changed since the original release of “Fruit Salad,” Wiggles new and old got together for this awesome performance. I was so happy to see some of the OG Wiggles, Murray, Jeff, and Anthony (red, purple, and blue, if you’re unfamiliar) jamming out and getting to show off their amazing skills. The newer purple Wiggle, Lachy Wiggle, absolutely stunned on vocals, and Emma Wiggle (first and only woman Wiggle – Happy Women’s History Month, right?!) killed it on the drums. It’s truly an amazing cover, and the newest song you didn’t know you needed in your life. If you’ve watched the Wiggles growing up, I definitely recommend checking out the video performance – if not for the nostalgia, then for just an all around good cover. P.S. You can now stream it on Spotify!

5/5 q tips

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