“Holiday” Review

By Zahir Quader

Hey, loyal fanbase It’s the holiday season and you know what that means? Holiday MUSIC!!!!! 2020 has been awfully glum but if anything can help us reach the end of the year it’s our holiday jams. I’m not talking about the class jams of Jingle Bells or Jingle Bell Rock, no, the real good stuff, the stuff you have to be a level 3 paladin to hear… I am of course talking about the newest Christmas song “Holiday” by Lil Nas X. The latest release by the young artist is yet another godly song under his belt. Ever since his debut with Old Town Road Nas X has been dropping hit after hit. What makes this song so amazing is its ability to have a holiday with beats that are amazing all times of the year.

What makes this song unique is not only its seasonal mobility but the energy it brings with it. As anyone has seen from any of his recent music videos Nas X has been bringing a not so near future cyberpunk vibe to his upcoming debut album. Holiday continues to build this artist beyond being simply a one hit wonder. With his variety of songs post Old Town Road he has shown he is a true artist in his own right. Personally I view his post road content. Instead of relying on various remixes of his country, hip hop hybrid he is moving on beyond to the future. Honestly, that is what I am seeing from his recent works. He is showing he is the future of the industry. He is a young artist whose career is just beginning and his current works are showing that. TLDR Lil Nas X’s career is just beginning, his new song is great and you should totally listen to it.

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